Superman lands a cameo in Disney’s “Zootopia?” Yes, this is true. Superman does make an appearance in the movie, but in spirit. In an interview with Comic Book, director Bryan Howard explained that “Zootopia’s” Judy is influenced by the first big-screen Superman, actor Christopher Reeve.

During the interview, Howard elaborated that “Zootopia’s” Judy is an amazing character. She wants to help everyone, make a difference in life and has the desire “to go out there.” However, she has a flaw and that makes the character very human. She makes mistakes, learns from them and steps up when needed, reveals Comic Book. That makes her similar to the superhero in spirit. “I’ve found I always go back to Christopher Reeve’s Superman because that wasn’t about him being able to fly or having heat vision. It was because he cared enough about other human beings,” said Howard.

Like Superman, Judy too has to make some choices in the movie. At one point in the trailer, Judy is told, “It’s not about how bad you want something, it’s about what you are capable of,” which reflects in her spirit. Howard elaborates that Christopher Reeve too had to make hard choices in “Superman: The Movie.” He loved his parents and other people in the movie and in the end had to choose between saving the people he loved or wanting to help make the world a better place. “It’s difficult to hold those standards to yourself but that’s why I think it did come more from Judy’s side than Nick’s,” he added.

The movie, which releases in Australia in mid-March, tracks the journey of an upstart police officer named Judy Hopps, notes Cinema Blend. Hopps, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, is on her first assignment in the city. She is a cute bunny overachiever who dreams to make it big as a law enforcer.

The movie has recently released its international trailer and will release tomorrow in the US. It will hit the screens in UK on March 25, states IMDb.