“Zoolander 2” is already released. Here is all that you need to know about the movie before you watch it. For starters, it features a host of cameos in addition to the original cast. It is written by Justin Theroux and Stiller himself and directed by the latter. As of today, it has received a rating of 5.5 on IMDb.

ANN reported that the movie has cameos by Justin Bieber, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tommy Hilfiger, Susan Sarandon, John Malkovich, Kiefer Sutherland, Katy Perry, Billy Zane, Valentino Garavani and Anna Wintour. As for the main characters, the cast consists of Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig.

During the movie, Justin Bieber gets killed in a scene that was already written in the original 2010 script. According to Time, Stiller always wanted to kill off Bieber but in reality, he believes that Bieber is a good kid. “He’s a great kid and I was very fortunate to have him in the movie,” said the film star, according to Daily Mail.

The plot revolves around a series of murders taking place. Bieber is part of an age-old society of ‘rock and pop stars’ whose mission is to protect descendants of the original male model, Steve. Given the danger out there, the Global Fashion division of Interpol recruited Derek and Hansel to help out, thus forcing them out of their retirement.

The Wall Street Journal explains that most of “Zoolander 2” unravels in Rome. This is where Stiller’s Derek realizes that he is out of fashion and not relevant anymore. He also discovers that he has a son but he rejects the kid because he is … well … fat. He also reunites with Hansel, meets Interpol cop played by Penelope Cruz and encounters his enemy, Mugatu.

Metro UK reveals that the lovely Penelope Cruz stars as Interpol agent Melanie Valentina in “Zoolander 2.” However, she resembles “Austin Powers” Vanessa Kensington, wearing outfits straight out of a fashion magazine.