It appears that Derek Zoolander has taken a liking to Cara Delevingne.

Delevingne is featured in a series of promotional images for Zoolander 2 where the titular character claims to be in a relationship with the model. The romance lasted for three hours in a series of misunderstood flirtations and wrong presumptions.

The relationship started like most relationships often do — as friends. Both Delevingne and Zoolander, portrayed by Ben Stiller, are seen hanging out together and having fun with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

The next thing we know, the model couple became a “thing” and they made their relationship official by symbolically combining their names into “Der-vingne.” The number 1 male model in the world promises to document their unfolding love story live on Instagram, as seen in US Magazine.

In just an hour of conversation, Delevingne becomes the object of Zoolander’s love as he confesses he fell hard for the actress. This caught the attention of Penelope Cruz, the actress who plays Zoolander’s leading lady Melanie Valentina, and she’s none too happy about it judging from her emojis. As mentioned in Bustle: “Could this mean that Delevingne will be the new star in Zoolander 3 if there is one at all?”

This is when everything takes a turn for the worst. After the English fashion model did her impression of Zoolander’s signature move Blue Steel, the infatuated male model decided to propose to tie the knot.

Naturally, the 23-year-old actress declined since they were never in a relationship to begin with and even raises the question, “why would i ever date you, ew,” as posted by Zoolander. In the end, they parted ways with both having bad tastes in the mouth. After reflecting on what happened, Zoolander reunites with his true lover Cruz in a street couple shot.

“Zoolander 2,” the sequel to the first film 15 years ago, is set to be released on February 12. Delevingne, meanwhile, will appear as the Enchantress in “Suicide Squad” coming in theatres this August.