“Zoolander 2” star Ben Stiller admires Justin Bieber. According to Daily Mail, the 50-year-old actor only has praises for the Biebs. The Canadian singer makes a cameo appearance in Stiller’s upcoming film.

For Stiller, Bieber is “a great kid and [he] was very fortunate to have him in the movie.” Adding, he believes jealousy is the reason behind love hate relationship of the controversial singer and the public.

Stiller said, “I think they all want to be him, they all want to be Justin Bieber. They all want Justin Bieber’s life, let’s face it.”

Bieber makes a cameo appearance at the start of the movie. Setting the plot for the film wherein a killer targets pop stars. A manhunt for the killer then follows. The “Zoolander 2” trailer with Justin Bieber came out in 2015.

Unfortunately, the “death” of Bieber at the start of the movie drew applause from the audience during the fan screening in Sydney, as noted on AAP.

In comic Stiller fashion, the comedian noted, “what happens to him in the movie indicates how people feel about him.” However, Stiller asserts the reaction does not upset the Biebs. He thinks the singer also had a laugh about it.

Stiller is currently in Australia to promote “Zoolander 2.” In the movie, he reprises his role as Derek Zoolander. Once again, displaying the model’s signature “blue steel” look.

As part of the movie’s promotion, Derek Zoolander made a scenic catwalk atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge. News.com.au revealed the model wore a custom design by Australian designers Ksubi x Don Atari.

The video, posted on YouTube, featured the Sydney Opera House in the background. Unfortunately, Hansel, Derek’s counterpart played by actor Owen Wilson, was not around to challenge the model to a Walk Off.

Showing of “Zoolander 2” in Australian cinemas starts on February 11.