Zoo is back for its second season with greater action and danger than before. However, would the constant turmoil surrounding Jackson and Chloe be too much for their budding romance?

Apparently, not, as James Wolk revealed details about the excitement, love, and romance on Zoo season 2. The actor shared details about his character’s budding romance with Chloe Tousignant, Bustle reported.

“Last year, it was a slow burn for them. I think part of that was there was so much insanity around them. I think, as it would be in real life, priorities take over and you just try to stay alive,” Wolk said.

He added, “So I think there’s this budding romance, but all the while they’re trying to keep their lives and figure out what’s going on around them. In Season 2, it does develop and I think it’ll be enjoyable for the audience to see that come to fruition.”

Thus, a breakup is far from happening. Rather, their romance will only get more intense in the upcoming episodes. Season 2 would also be “apocalyptic” since everyone is now aware of the threat that they knew all along.

“Season 2 really delivers on finding the world in an apocalyptic state. People get to see how the world is dealing with it — different countries, different cities, different towns are all dealing with apocalyptic events in different ways,” Wolk revealed. The actor also hinted at a different Jackson from the first season.

“In Season 2, he takes it even further, because the events aren’t so external anymore. Physically, he’s dealing with certain things. He starts to learn a little bit more truth about his father and what his father’s experiments were and what his father was doing. He’s got a lot of turmoil inside of him this season and that was fun to pay,” Wolk noted.

Zoo is “about a wave of violent animal attacks against humans,” TV Guide wrote. Executive producer James Patterson wrote the bestselling novel of the same title.

The author claimed Zoo season 2 is better than season 1, BuddyTV reported. Hence, expect better things on Zoo as Patterson revealed their “aim to be the #1 scripted drama again,” the publication wrote.