Zlatan Ibrahimovic has just proven that age is just a number after having a stellar start to the English Premier League season. However, there is still no denying that the 34-year-old striker would eventually have to retire. News from the Manchester United training grounds have revealed evidence that Ibrahimovic could have a great future as a football coach.

“Zlatan looks to be someone who will be good at coaching the youngsters. He has a natural ability to teach and wants to help them improve,” a source told The Sun. He further explained that the team’s young players have been staying behind for after-practice sessions in order to learn from Ibrahimovic.

“He has been giving Rashford, Martial and Lingard finishing tips as well. He is keen to help the younger players,” the source said. He was speaking about 18-year-old striker Marcus Rashford, who has been dropped down the team’s pecking order after the Swedish star’s arrival. However, it seems that the rookie is taking things in stride and learning as much as he can from Ibrahimovic.

Anthony Martial is also reportedly learning from Ibrahimovic despite the controversy that they were involved in when Zlatan’s transfer was announced. The superstar striker declared that he had chosen the number 9, one that Martial had been previously using. The Mirror and other publications speculated on some bad blood after Martial unfollowed the club on social media. All that appears to have been swept under the rug, with the players appearing to be getting on well.

News about the after-hours training sessions with the team’s younger players echoes what team manager Jose Mourinho previously said. He revealed that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is being surrounded by the team’s younger players even during meal times. The enigmatic striker has apparently now extended his mentoring from the cafeteria down to the pitch.