Is trouble brewing in the Manchester United dressing room? The world’s most expensive player, Paul Pogba, has just returned to the  team amid much fanfare. However, his return came at the heels of the arrival of one of the biggest names in football: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The pair have openly been taunting each other on social media, and Pogba has spoken up about the situation.

“Zlatan is like the big brother of everyone,” he explained, as he sat down for an interview with Sports HQ. He clarified that there is no bad blood between them, and that there is a lot of friendly banter. “Zlatan made fun of my training when I was on holiday. The boxing training. That was funny. He said, ‘You don’t need all this to beat someone, you just need one punch’,” he shared.

Pogba has clearly struck a friendship with the Swedish striker. His face lit up as soon as the interviewer mentioned what appears to be a budding “bromance” between the two of them. He explained that Ibrahimovic often makes jokes and makes everyone feel relaxed. This is a complete contrast to the intimidating figure he projects on the pitch.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho echoes Pogba’s statements. Following the team’s successful Premier League opening game against Bournemouth last Sunday, Mourinho spoke about Ibrahimovic. He shared how the team’s younger players have started to gravitate towards the striker in an attempt to learn from his mentorship.

There does not appear to be any ego issues in the Manchester United dressing room among the newcomers, including Mourinho himself. They have all spoken openly about working towards the same goal of bringing the team back to its former glory. Mourinho joined the team this summer after a miserable season that saw the team failing to even make it into the UEFA Champions League.