Zlatan Ibrahimovic is molding the future of Manchester United in more ways than one. Apart from making his presence felt on the pitch in only his first few weeks with the team, he has also been making an impact behind the scenes. Team manager Jose Mourinho reveals that the team’s younger players have started to spend a lot of time with the striker, no doubt in an attempt to learn as much as they can.

“The first thing I can tell you is that his table for breakfast and for meals is surrounded by the young ones, the kids,” said Mourinho in an interview published by The Independent. “Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford, these are the guys who are with him at the table. He knows what he can be for them,” he shared.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic caused a stir when he became one of Mourinho’s big signings after being appointed as the new Manchester United manager for the 2016/17 season. While Zlatan has gained success in Italy, Spain, Holland and France during the span of his illustrious career, the 34-year-old’s move to United was still criticized by some skeptics.

However, Mourinho assures Manchester United fans that Ibrahimovic still has what it takes to help the team win titles. “The body and mentality are not those of a 34-year-old guy. He’s at the top of his qualities,” he said.

Ibrahimovic did not fail Mourinho’s expectations in his first few appearances with Manchester United. He scored an impressive overhead goal in his debut appearance during a pre-season friendly against Galatasaray. In his second match with the team, he immediately brought home some silverware after scoring in the Community Shield against Premier League champions Leicester City.  He was also instrumental in winning the opening game of the Premier League season, where Manchester United demolished Bournemouth 3-1.

Mourinho says that he is determined to fight for the title this season. Making it to the top four is already an improvement compared to the team’s previous season, but getting top honors is the goal, nothing less.