The immense need to ensure healthy lives during this Zika virus emergency situation has prompted Florida theme park authorities to offer bug repellent to all its visitors.

Australia, also being prone to the infection because of its people’s love for travelling to different places, must follow what Florida is doing. The spread of imported Zika infection can be controlled if such measures are adopted by the nation as well. By making its mosquito repellent mandatory for visitors, Florida has taken the first initiative towards bringing the transmission of the infection under control.

Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort have started distributing the repellent to visitors free of cost. Like Australia, Florida also has not yet confirmed the local transmission of the infection but the theme parks stated that they don’t want to risk anyone’s life. Hence, they have decided to take relevant precautions to help people stay protected from the disease.

Though Orlando is 228 miles away from Miami located on the Florida Turnpike, the theme parks have already adopted strategies to stay away from the disease.

“In an abundance of caution, we are accelerating preventative efforts throughout our property, including providing complimentary insect repellent to our guests along with helpful guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” Disney said as quoted by CNN. “We have an extensive mosquito-prevention and monitoring program in place, and we continue to work closely with local, state and federal experts on this topic.”

The Department of Health, according to NBC San Diego, has been investigating cases of Zika virus after Miami reported numerous instances of the infection in August. This was the reason the authorities didn’t want to take any risk. The department was investigating the cases in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties in South Florida, along with Pinellas County in the Tampa region.

Zika virus is not leaving even a single corner of the globe untouched. Scientists have been finding ways of curing the infection given the major impact of it on newborns who acquire the disease from their mothers during pregnancy and whose brain size and ability get affected as soon as they are born.