With the outbreak of Zika virus in Florida, Australians planning a trip there have been warned to take relevant precautions against the virus.

The effect of the virus is more prevalent in southern Florida. There are almost 14 confirmed cases of Zika virus reported in Miami-Dade and Broward. On Aug. 1, Floridian Governor Rick Scoot confirmed 10 cases, which affected people through mosquito bites. The figure increased following four already reported cases in late July.

The governor’s press release also focused on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention where an Emergency Response Team is always available to help the patients with health examination, sample collection and mosquito-control methods. He also suggested fighting the disease intelligently by putting a halt to blood donation along with a Mosquito Declaration.

In six out of 10 cases, there were no symptom of the disease. The records were found after the “door-to-door community survey that DOH is conducting.”

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has recently asked its United States counterpart to update the warning about Zika virus. “We advise all travelers visiting Zika-affected areas to protect themselves from mosquito bites,” the DFAT said. “Pregnant women should discuss any travel plans with their travel doctor and consider postponing travel to affected areas.”

The Department f Health has listed around 48 nations in total that are prone to Zika virus attack. The list includes Brazil on top, which is hosting the Olympics Games in 2016 with several athletes present there to participate in the sports event. News.com.au stated that Florida in the United States is one of the favorite travel destinations of Australians, which has now become a threat to tourists not only from Australia but other parts of the world.

The Zika virus has been a major health problem for a long time now. It is manifested by 3 to 12 days of infection and also fever in some cases. Other symptoms include muscle pain, headache, skin rashes, fatigue, etc. What is most worrying is the effect of the virus on pregnant women and newbies, which ends up stimulating abnormality in the newborn children.