Traveling to areas with confirmed cases of Zika virus is one of the most significant causes of the transmission of the disease. In that case, enrolling for travel insurance is advisable.

A travel expert in early August said that many people have to either postpone or cancel their trips to places where cases of Zika are prominent. Elm Grove Travel’s Jenny Cagle has recommended to opt for a premium-level travel insurance rather than canceling or postponing a trip.

Due to the infection affecting newborns through would-be moms, the case has gained immense attention. Babies with less developed brain in ability and size meant disruptive future of the nations they belonged to. Hence, the major proportion of restrictions for traveling has been imposed on a pregnant woman. “A standard travel insurance won’t allow you to cancel just because you are pregnant,” Cagle said.

It is already known that the travel insurance policies made available by service providers do not cover instances of Zika virus and that too after the warnings are issued. However, if a person already has travel insurance for the place even before the warning relating to an infection, including Zika, the service provider may provide coverage for the illness.

There are companies that provide a special benefit to people if people have to cancel their travel plans because of government restrictions. What a person needs to do is apply and entitle himself to a policy but before the warning for that particular place is issued.

The usual coverage offered by travel insurance will be provided irrespective of Zika virus warning issuance in the region one is traveling to.

The Zika virus infection cases have been increasing immensely these days. Seeing the effect of the disease on a pregnant woman, it is suggested that before one plans to travel to a region prone to Zika, he/she must buy a plan that could enable them to cancel the trip for any reason in the future.

Cagle, according to WISN, further recommends travelers to have a detailed discussion with doctors and stay informed about the same.