An Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control district official claimed that a second type of Zika virus-carrying mosquito has been discovered in Mission Viejo.

At a residence close to Lake Mission Viejo in Orange County, California last week, mosquitoes belonging to Asian Tiger species were noticed. This is the second type of insect that is known to be the carrier of infection that has been reported from the area.

The Orange County registrar indicated that those types of mosquitoes were found last Tuesday. Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control trustee Dave Leckness said on Saturday that the mosquitoes were found using traps outside a home where residents were being stung by them.

The discovery of Asian Tiger mosquitoes carrying Zika virus infection has come following the discovery of yellow fever mosquitoes in October. The infection is widely transmitted while traveling to areas prone to the virus attacks. A few of them were reported to be spread via sex. The worse thing about the infection is that if it affects a pregnant woman, it gets transferred to the child she carries in her womb.

Earlier, the threat to a newborn was the effect the infection poses on its brain development, the condition known as microcephaly. However, recently, another condition called arthrogryposis has been discovered, which also affects a newbie. Under this condition, newborns suffer body joint issues.

Vector Control inspectors intend to discover other Asian Tiger mosquitoes in other regions, including areas around manufactured lakes surrounded by several residences. “This coming week, we will treat it aggressively,” Leckness said as quoted by Hollywood Reporter. “We want to keep the mosquitoes out of here. … [Zika] frightens us.”

Even the symptoms of Zika virus are so common that it is majorly confused with signs of other diseases. A person suffering from the infection might suffer from headaches, joint pains, fever, conjunctivitis and even get temporarily paralyzed.  The threat of the virus in Australia and abroad has been increasing and will continue to be so, as there is apparently another mosquito carrying the infection.