With Brazil being one of the most prone areas to Zika virus, the Rio Olympics players are speculated to bring the infection to their respective nations, including Australia.

The closure of Rio Olympics has come along with predictions of the players spreading the infection throughout the world. Whether it is the United States or Korea or Australia, no nation is free of the fear of virus expected to be brought to the nations by their athletes. According to reports, around 800 players would undergo health checkup as soon as they arrive to make sure they do not bring Zika along with them.

When the Olympics was to begin, several players withdrew their names from the international sports competition due to the area being prone to the infection. The list of players included the name of popular athletes, including champion golfer Rory McIlroy. The first case of Zika was reported from Brazil and with that, the call for shifting the Olympics 016 from Rio de Janeiro started speeding up.

However, the World Health Organization confirmed in June that there was less possibility of Zika to spread among players or to be transmitted to another country by them as it was winter in the southern hemisphere. Hence, the population of the mosquitoes would be controlled effectively in a cool climate.

Besides the players, other staff members related to Rio Olympics would also be checked for the virus. Journalists and cheer squad staffer will also have to undergo the required checkup. The Korean medical authorities have claimed that the checkup would not be on the basis of the symptoms or indications. The people coming from Rio Olympics would be checked regardless of showing Zika infection symptoms.

“We are afraid that they (athletes from Rio) could bring the Zika virus into the country.” A Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s official said as quoted by The Korea Times. “Thankfully, the Olympics were held when Brazil is not in the mosquito season. Nevertheless, we won’t let our guard down for a while.”