Around 500 New Yorkers have tested positive for Zika virus infection, including 49 pregnant women.

Data have shown tenfold increase in the figures since April. In addition to the tests, one child has been reportedly born with microcephaly as a result of the infection. The condition reduces the rate of brain development in newborns, both in terms of appearance and capabilities.

The New York Zika action plan saw over 3,400 cases in which pregnant women have tested positive. Moreover, the majority of reported Zika-infected New Yorkers have contracted the infection through sexual intercourse. The figures were revealed on Tuesday. Besides sex, travelling to Zika-prone areas was another reason that has been found leading to the increase in the number of figures.

There has been no report of local mosquitoes causing the Zika virus infection. As a result of this, Mayor De Blasio  along with other officers have requested Congress to pass a stalled health package proposal. This will help in providing proper resources to help combat the spread of the infection.

“We need the federal government to act now and pass the authorization of $1.9 billion in funding,” De Blasio said at the public health lab in NY’s Kips Bay. “Without federal dollars, we cannot deepen our work and we won’t have the assurance that other ­jurisdictions are doing all they can do to fight Zika.”

Besides the demand put forth by Congress, according to the NY Post, the mayor said on Tuesday that the city also committed to gathering $21 million to protect New Yorkers from the virus. Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh said that cases that face negligence by the public sector are quite difficult to address.

“A public health crisis that begins with neglect by the public sector … becomes much more difficult to address going forward,” Fox News quoted Kavanagh as saying.