Fans bathed in tears when Zayn Malik said goodbye to One Direction in March last year. Following the departure were a lot of rumors about his feud with his former group. Recently, it has been reported that he might be reuniting with the quartet.

While promoting his latest single, “Pillowtalk,” Malik opened up the possibility of his reunion with the lads during an interview with The Sunday Times. Malik was jokingly told that he should end his conflict with 1D because they have to be in “good terms” when their inevitable reunion in 2025 arrives.

Malik laughed and said, “Who knows? I don’t know. If the time was right and that was the thing to do, then I would make that decision when it came around.”

Upon citing the interview, Hollywood Life believes that Malik is not taking away fans’ hopes that the five of them will be seen together onstage again.

As for his new single, Billboard reports that “Pillowtalk” will drop on Jan. 29. Additionally, Malik announced the news via Twitter along with a shirtless photo of him with a huge caption “Zayn, Pillowtalk, 29.01.16.”

The solo artist has not said anything much about the latest single. According to him though, his material sounds more R&B compared to the music he had done with One Direction. Additionally, RCA chairman/CEO Peter Edge told Billboard that Malik’s music “does not feel like choreographed pop.”

The young singer earlier went on to tease fans about another song, titled “Befour,” during his interview with Fader. The instrumentals were played as the background song for the duration of the chat.

Notably, his own musical journey started when he signed with RCA records. He is currently working with R&B producer Malay, who also worked with artists like John Legend and Frank Ocean.