Zayn left One Direction in 2015 to pursue a solo career. His fans did not expect that he will be successful until Pillowtalk came out. His first song became a tremendous hit across the globe.  Furthermore, headlines about the Zayn Malik new song are invading the web.

The RnB singer wowed the music industry with his first material. However, the overwhelming success of his newly found solo career took a toll on him.

He revealed in one of his interviews that he faced anxiety for a certain period of time. He even canceled one of his stints and apologized to his fans after.

Now, Zayn has released another single entitled Cruel. The song is a collaboration with Snakeships. According to Bustle, the song reflects his anxiety. The song is now available on iTunes.

Meanwhile, take a look at the lyrics of the Zayn Malik new song.

Cruel (Zayn Malik/Snakeships)

Cop radio screaming
Noise and tears
(Death on the TV…)
And then there’s you
It’s fucked, it’s crazy
I can’t concentrate
Just see your eye and…

Back where we left off
Watch you take your dress off
I’ve been by myself remembering you
Your body hurts me
Loopin’ ’round like CCTV
In all this bitterness you stay so sweet…

It’s such a cruel world
Savin’ all my love for you, girl
It’s such a cruel world
Maybe I found somethin’ good, girl

Some peeked at the party
All scraped and bruised
A dead eyed actress girl
And then there’s you
Venus in Converse
You put a spell on me
And you’re lockin’ the bathroom door
For us

Who do you love? Who do you love…?
Who do you love? Who do you love…?

(Just see your eye and…)

(Maybe I found somethin’ good, girl…)
Sunrise in Hollywood
We ain’t slept for days
Perfect disaster, me and you