Zayn Malik has included an Urdu-language track “Flower” in his new album “Mind of Mine,” which comes from a “spiritual place.” The track has been created by Malik to honour his father.

Malik was born to a Pakistani father and Caucasian mother. While he came under the spotlight at the age of 17, Malik went through severe intolerance.

Although Malik has launched a highly publicized solo career, he is still reluctant to talk about his Muslim faith in interviews or on social media.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Malik has kept these aspects away from public invasion.

“Intermission: Flower” is the one track, which is sung entirely in Urdu, his father’s native language. It stands out from the rest.

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The singer’s producer, Malay Ho, talked about how the song came together. “His relationship with his dad and his whole family is super important, especially his dad,” he said.

“Afterward, he told me he was in a super spiritual place, and that the saying is something one of his family members had told him that had always stuck to him.”

The singer talked about his religion and political positions, while saying that he is “just a normal person as well as following my religion, and doing all the normal things that everybody else does.”

Ho is a Grammy-winning producer, who is best known for his work on Frank Ocean’s “channel ORANGE.” He, too, was born to an Asian father and Caucasian mother.

This similarity in their heritage is the reason he and Malik bonded over, as they recorded.

The former One Direction singer started his solo career with  “Mind of Mine.” The album is an R&B inclined expression of individuality.

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The album came after nearly five years of contributing creative thoughts and activities with four bandmates and a host of radio-ready collaborators.

According to UPI, one day Ho was playing around with a new guitar during a writing session. During that moment, Malik “just picked up the mic and tracked that whole thing basically live, in one take.”