There is a new update about the Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid split news. The latest buzz reveals that Zayn’s mom is to be blamed for this impending breakup.

The popular singer-supermodel pair has been on the news for quite some time due to their past relationship controversies or for their (rumored) breakup. Zayn Malik, 23, started dating Gigi Hadid, 21,  in November 2015. However, he confirmed their relationship in March 2016. Since then, their love journey has been interrupted every so often. Now there is a new twist in the story as Zayn’s mom apparently disapproves of Gigi. What is the reason for her rejection?

 Looks like it’s testing time for the celebrity duo!

The October 10 issue of OK magazine reveals that Zayn’s mom Tricia Brannan Malik, 46, is not willing to accept the supermodel for her only son. An insider told the magazine: “She thinks Gigi’s too Hollywood.”  Tricia couldn’t believe how “Gigi spent most of her time on her phone.” She found this out when she went to Disneyland with Zayn and Gigi in August 2016.

The source (via HL) further reveals: “Tricia wants Zayn to find a nice girl; she’s not sure Gigi fits the bill, and she feels Gigi is spotlight-seeking.” Moreover, her fashion choices are also not appealing to her (Tricia). She found it explicit and provocative.  The bottomline is that Tricia wants the singer to dump Gigi! Will the Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid split rumors come true soon?

Come on, Tricia! Gigi is an international model and we are now in the 21st century. It is absolutely wrong to judge someone based on her style. In addition, the number of phone calls can’t really determine Zayn and Gigi’s compatibility level. We think Zayn should approach his mom as calmly and respectfully as possible and ask her why she has an issue with his partner. Don’t you think so?

We all know relationships are cyclical and downtime isn’t only inevitable, it’s important. Tricia’s  rejection may help strengthen Zayn and Gigi’s bonding further. In fact, the ongoing talks about the Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid split may also come to an end soon.