Rumors of a Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid split plagued the Internet this past week. It all started with an alleged accusation from Justin Bieber suggesting that Selena Gomez cheated on him with the Pillowtalk singer. However, could another thing be the reason for these rumors?

First of all, the rumored split was squashed by the couple after going on a romantic getaway to Tahiti. Still, although photos of the two showed their relationship is going strong, could it be all a lie? Is there something dark hidden in the couple’s happy facade?

It seems unlikely, but a photo from #Zigi’s vacation did gain attention for the wrong reasons.

Glamour reported on the photo in question. It seems rather innocent at first glance, but netizens were more critical about it. The image shows Zayn relaxing in a canoe, while Gigi pushes it.

Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid split rumors

The main issue that netizens took with the photos was the dynamic of the two. It appears some people were not pleased that Zayn was just relaxing and lighting a cigarette while Gigi did the work.

So, could the Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid split rumors also stem from rumors of an abusive relationship?

Despite the criticism, it appears there’s more to the photos than meets the eye. According to a report by Cambiar News, there’s good reason as to why Gigi was the only one pushing the canoe. The source details that the former One Direction member never learned how to swim. Hence, he also has a fear for deep water.

Therefore, the act of joining Gigi in the water is testament that he’s willing to do anything for her. This fact clarifies that amid the split rumors, #Zigi remains stronger than ever. The Internet may be full of negativity, but that doesn’t seem to stop the couple from enjoying life and love.

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