Zayn Malik and girlfriend Gigi Hadid are one of the hottest couples to date. As such, rumours continue to surround the two celebrities. Have they really broken up after Justin Bieber hinted that Selena Gomez cheated on him with Zayn? What does Gigi’s ex Joe Jonas think about the news? Read on to find out more.

In November 2015, news about their romance sparked after people spotted them gazing at one another in West Hollywood. Rumours further circulated as some saw them held hands. This year, the two proved fans they’re inseparable so it was quite shocking when fans heard about the split in June 2016.

Although they’re in an on and off relationship, it seems Zayn and Gigi are going strong despite split rumours. Justin Bieber mentioned Zayn Malik’s name as the person whom Selena Gomez had an affair with. Thus, rumours circulated that Gigi Hadid might have considered to break up with Zayn again.

Zayn and Gigi seems to be enjoying their time together on vacation. They look so in love in their recent trip to Tahiti. As split rumours continue, they seem to pack in more PDA for their fans to see. However, it appears one person is still not happy about them. Gigi’s ex Joe Jonas seems to have slammed her ex recently.

When news broke that Zayn and Gigi got together, Joe Jonas had ill feelings towards her. He told The Daily Mirror, “I think it’s interesting that she moved on so quickly, I mean it was definitely very quick.” It hinted a bit of bitterness, don’t you think? Joe even teased a breakup song about her but the current DNCE album doesn’t have it. He previously told The Sun that such song will “p*** someone off,” Sugarscape noted.

Now, Joe Jonas brought up the matter again and said it might leak anytime soon.

“You might hear them eventually, songs leak all the time, but I think the place I was in my life when I wrote them, I’m not there anymore, so it wouldn’t make sense to release them,” Joe clarified.

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