Is Zayn Malik a “faker”? A celebrity tattoo artist recently spoke up about the former 1D singer’s new face tattoo. Apart from the recent revelation of his “Mind of Mine” track list, Malik also unveiled his latest ink.

Unfortunately, many fans blasted the tattoo, The Sun reported. The website noted the singer has yet to confirm if it is real or not.

However, Kevin Paul is sure that it is a fake. In another report from The Sun, the celebrity tattoo artist said that Malik is not that “silly” to do it.

Paul weighed in on the issue via Twitter.

“So everybody is clear I don’t think @zaynmalik as really had that tattooed on his head it looks fakes and im a big fan of his new music”.

He added, “It looks fake and I don’t think he would be that silly.”

If it turns out to be real, Paul went to say, “[Removing it would be] very painful but I will be shocked if it’s real. I hope not I really like the lad he is the coolest one in the band.”

Malik’s new tattoo has the letters M.O.M inked over the image of a bird. The Sun noted that it could signify his album “Mind of Mine”. Its release is set for March 25.

Meanwhile, it could be a tribute to his mother Trisha, The Sun added.

Hello Magazine revealed that Malik began the inking craze with his 1D bandmates.

Mail Online reported that Paul estimated the cost of removal at £600 (approximately AUD 1140).

Malik posted the pic on Instagram. Fans quickly responded with questions.

Like I Would

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However, Mail Online noted the singer’s caption, “Like I Would”. Hence, it could be a sign that the inking is not permanent, the website surmised.

“Like I Would” is another song from his upcoming album. It debuted last March 10, E Online reported.