Looks like the beef between Zayn Malik and his former group One Direction will never end. Rumors from left and right about Malik dissing the group and vice versa continue to soar on the Internet. In the latest scoop, the ex-boyband member-turned-solo artist allegedly admits that he never really wanted to be part of the British singing group.

Zayn Malik had a one-on-one talk with Beats 1 Radio’s Zane Lowe, Entertainment Weekly reported. According to the site, they talked about Malik’s journey in being a One Direction former member.

Finally, Malik had spoken the truth behind his reason for leaving the lads, contrary to previous reports that he left to be just a “normal 22-year old.” He admitted that the group’s genre was “not his cup of tea.”

“I think the boys kind of knew — in terms of the music — that wasn’t my cup of tea,” he said.

“I think I always kind of wanted to go, from the first year, really. I never really wanted to be there in the band, I just gave it a go because it was there at the time,” Malik told Lowe. He also explained that the boys understand his decision although they don’t want him to leave the group.

On the other hand, One Direction’s new music video for the song “History” has been trending on the web with its throwback features.

Fans everywhere “felt their hearts explode” while watching the video clip with Zayn Malik in it. The clip shows their journey to stardom from being X Factor contestants to being one of the most popular pop group in today’s music generation.

And what was Malik’s reaction about the video? Hollywood Life reports that he is surprised and cool with it.

“He actually thinks that the video is really cool. He really thinks it was a classy move from the guys and it gave him a good feeling and made him remember all the good times they had,” an insider revealed.