Zac Efron is indeed breaking free from the clutches of his shiny Disney image. The 28-year-old star reveals that he is willing to do a full frontal nude scene in a movie on one condition.

Efron is not a stranger to onscreen nudity. He’s very gracious when it comes to showing off his ripped abs. Fans would know that recent Zac Efron movies always included a shirtless scene or two. He even went full nude for a particular scene in the 2014 That Awkward Moment, but he kept a bit of something for himself by conveniently hiding it inside the toilet.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, Efron shares his thoughts on how much skin he shows in his movies. “Let’s just say I’m not opposed to anything,” Efron claims. “But if you’re gonna pull your d–k out, it’d better be for an Academy Award-winning movie.”

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The idea is not actually far-fetched. Academy Award-winning actor Eddie Redmayne was in a similar bare-all situation in The Danish Girl. Unfortunately for Redmayne, the award for Best Actor was given to Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant.

The actor also reveals his two cents on how his career will be affected if he loses his chiseled body.

“I look at Matthew McConaughey. He’s maintained it his whole career,” Efron says. “We know so much more now than we used to about [the effects of] being sedentary. I’m driven. I want to attack life. I want to do a triathlon.”

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Efron maintains his toned physique by living a fit and healthy lifestyle. His athleticism even got him interested in the TV show American Ninja Warriors. Efron really wanted to be on the show, so he tried a “legit course” on the set of his upcoming movie as part of the Zac Efron Baywatch workout.

“I made it all the way until the very last peg of the main obstacle and then I slipped, but we cut around that!” Efron shares, according to TV3.

Zac Efron has definitely come a long way since playing singing jock Troy Bolton in Disney’s High School Musical trilogy. He is currently promoting Neighbors 2, in which he stars alongside Seth Rogen, Chloe Grace Moretz, Rose Byrne, and Selena Gomez.