There is a fine line between entertainment and stupidity. And you see them almost everyday. One only needs to browse through hundreds and thousands of silly videos on YouTube to prove this claim. Getting stung by a bee, or swallowing down a spoonful of cinnamon are somewhat of norm especially for pranksters and challenge takers.

However, probably one of the most stupid stunts ever pulled was the one from a Vlogger from Minnesota.

According to CBS Minnesota, 20-year-old Monalisa Perez shot her boyfriend dead on the chest while holding a thick book. According to her accounts of the story, the stunt was to prove the bullet will not penetrate the book. Unfortunately, Perez used a .50 caliber handgun that was held only a foot away from her boyfriend’s chest. Responders from the local 911 units pronounced Ruiz as dead on the scene.

YouTube Vlogger accidentally kills boyfriend on stunt gone wrong

Perez and Ruiz days before the incident (via

The stunt was intended to pull in more viewers for the Vlogger’s YouTube channel. The YouTube channel, LaMonaLisa, is where the couple post their recent pranks for everyone to see. It turns out that Pedro Ruiz, the victim, has been shooting various books with his handgun. On one occasion, he noticed that one of the bullets did not penetrate a book. This is where the entire idea spawned into being.

Prior to the incident, Perez posted a status on her Twitter page saying she and Ruiz is about to shoot a video of something outrageous and dangerous. It turned out that it is the stunt the they pulled that led to Ruiz’s death.

At the moment, Perez is being held for reckless discharge of a firearm and second-degree manslaughter. She is facing a ten-year jail sentence of a fine of $20,000.

The couple are expecting their second child together. The first born is said to be aged three years old.