YouTube Gaming, the gaming-centric streaming platform from the same company, is expanding its reaches further as it opens its accessibility to new territories including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Canada for iOS and Android devices.

Now, users who have been anticipating YouTube Gaming in the aforementioned territories will now be able to use the app to upload their videos and live stream through the platform. A couple of months ago, an update to the app brought new features such as ‘Mobile Capture’ for users on the Android platform. This allowed them to stream their gameplay videos straight from their smartphones without even having the need for external hardware. What’s more, there’s even a ‘Sponsorships’ feature that allowed subscribers to contribute to their favorite video creators directly.

Furthermore, additional region support isn’t the only thing that YouTube Gaming rolled out in its latest update. Now, users can pop-out the player, making it visible over other apps. What’s more, it also received an upgrade to support 60 frames per second video playback. There’s even a DVR mode as well as quality switching to boot. Google also says that “many more countries are coming soon.”

Aside from the mobile app for Android and iOS platforms, YouTube Gaming also received an upgrade on desktop computers. The first thing users will notice in the new version is that the homepage has now been simplified further. There are no more sidebars, and there’s a new ‘Live’ tab found on the homepage. It features a list of the top rated streams and games that are currently on the air. There’s even a new page that lets users manage their games and channels they are subscribed to.

Live game streaming has been flourishing over the years of existence. Twitch is now four years strong while YouTube Gaming is on the rise to be one of the go-to places when it comes to live game streaming.