Over the years, YouTube has been rolling out new updates to freshen its platform’s user interface, be it on the mobile app or the desktop environment. Now, the latest change seems to be a redesign of the Home section for both the iOS and Android app to bring a much simpler and cleaner interface.

Users may not spot the difference between the old and the new YouTube interface, especially with the company testing out several key designs for a while now. The Home UI now features streamlined icons that can easily be recognised. The icons also appear more prominent to highlight the uploader of the videos.

“Whether you want to watch hilarious sketch comedy, your favorite vlogger, new let’s plays, or music videos, you should be able to see new videos you love every time you visit YouTube—right on your homepage. Starting today, when you open the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android phone, you’ll experience a redesigned Home, with a clean and simple format that invites you to discover and enjoy,” wrote YouTube in the official blog.

Furthermore, the company says that the changes aren’t limited to a facelift of the YouTube Home user interface. It now comes with a more relevant recommendation wall that is personalised to help you browse through videos that you’ll find exciting to watch.

The new system is based on a technology that’s called “deep neural network,” which lets it find patterns automatically while still improving itself through learning in the process. There are over hundreds of millions of different video recommendations on the new Home section. They appear billions of times in 76 different languages.

If you’re still seeing the old Home user interface whenever you launch the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android device, don’t fret. The update will start rolling out today, so you should see the changes when it hits.