A fresh new update is rolling out to the YouTube app for Android that revamps its upload workflow on mobile devices and makes it much easier to add a video to the massive video platform.

The first thing users will notice with the update is a new icon for the floating action button (FAB) as well as a new screen for uploading video content to YouTube. There really isn’t that much change to the FAB, although there’s a new camcorder icon that replaces the generic upload icon on the FAB when users are in the Home tab. The operation remains the same, however, since both buttons will still take its users to a panel for uploading videos to the video platform.

The new upload screen is where the important changes are up. While the old style only features a white background with a list of your videos on your device, the new update brings a more modern approach to the style. There’s now a grid of videos that display your library, and it now features a dark gray background.

What’s more, there’s a new live view from the camera at the top of the screen. However, it’s important to note that the YouTube app doesn’t necessarily record any videos while the live view is on. Tapping on the camcorder icon will start a video recording, and your default video app will then launch. In essence, the icon is just a shortcut.

If you’re still not seeing your Android YouTube app just yet, don’t fret. The new update is being rolled out across a multitude of devices in bits and pieces. The video platform has received changes this way, and each new update brings a modernistic look to go with the times as well as convenience for people should they want to post videos.