Nine’s latest installment “You’re Back in the Room” debuted on television to 878,000 viewers across Australia, many of whom actually hated the show. The high metro ratings though do not stop it from being one of the most criticised shows on Aussie TV screens.

“You’re Back in the Room” had a phenomenal Sunday debut, informs Adnews. The show secured 1.16 million metro viewers, putting it in second place behind “My Kitchen Rules.” Daily Mail reveals that across the 25-54 age group alone it had attracted 878,000 viewers. The show marks the return of Daryl Somers of the “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” fame.

However, the legend could not prevent the show from getting bad reviews. Nine reveals that “You’re Back in the Room” is a hilarious game show comprising of four contestants. They have to finish a couple of tasks to win a pot of cash but there is the catch. The challenge is not a straight forward one. The contestants will be hypnotised by world-renowned Keith Barry and they will have to finish the tasks in this hypnotic state.

The show is an Aussie version of a British television game show by the same title and it also follows the footsteps of its British counterpart in getting mixed reviews. There were very few who thought yesterday’s episode was a funny one but there were many others who were angry that they had to watch the show as against the cricket finals.

Daily Mail reports that many viewers felt that the show would not have stood a chance if the late Kerry Packer were still around. Packer had a controlling interest in the Nine network while many joked that the show would render Somers unemployed.

However, Michael Healy, the director of television of Nine network believes that it is one of the most entertaining shows of our times. Somers hopes Australia will be transfixed by the show.

Here are some viewer reactions to “You’re Back in the Room.”