Less than a day before the Season 4 debut of “Young & Hungry” on Freeform, it looks like the entire season is going to be one big ball of difficulties for both Gabi and Adam.

Here are 5 things you should know about the upcoming season:

Josh, Amanda, Adam, Gabi and Dr. Rounds will all be stuck in one plane.

Just Jared reported that in last season’s finale, Gabi (Emily Osment) was crushed after she accidentally saw Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) kissing Dr. Rounds (Briana Lane), who was their marriage therapist. Josh and Briana eventually went on to go on a trip to Australia, not knowing that Gabi also boarded on the same flight with hopes to reconcile with Josh. Gabi, heartbroken, meets Adam (Tyler Ritter), who is also reeling from heartbreak because he saw his former fiancé Amanda (Kelen Coleman).

Gabi and Adam will team up to make Amanda jealous.

According to the The BitBag, Adam will ask Gabi to accompany him to a couples-only resort that was initially reserved for his and Amanda’s honeymoon. They do it to make Amanda realize that she still loves Adam.

Elliott, Yolanda and Adam will be mistaken for a “thrupple.”

The premiere installment for the season will also feature Elliot (Rex Lee), Yolanda (Kym Whitley) and Alan (Bryan Safi) hanging out in a resort’s mini bar where they will be mistaken for a “thrupple” or three-person couple.

Episode 8 of “Young & Hungry” will serve as the backdoor pilot of the spinoff, “Young & Sofia.”

Named after Sofia (Aimee Carrero), the pilot will also have Steve Talley as the male lead.

Ashley Tisdale will star in “Young & Sofia.”

Rejoice, “High School Musical” fans! Tisdale will once again grace television sets as she will co-star in the spin-off, reprising her role of Logan Rawlings, the editor of Click’d Media, TV Series Finale reported.

“Young & Hungry” will be seen on Freeform on June 1, 8 PM ET.

Watch a teaser of “Young & Hungry” Season 4 below: