The lack of news about a renewal for Young and Hungry Season 5 is alarming. Would this indicate the cancellation of the sitcom in favor of a spin-off?

The Freeform network has yet to renew the sitcom for Season 5. This is despite the telecast of the current season’s finale on August 3. Season 4 premiered last June 1, hence the dilemma among audiences who expressed their desire for its renewal. In the case of some, their plea was more of an ultimatum lest they get mad.

Early on, sources revealed episode 8 titled Young & Sofia of Season 4 would be the backdoor pilot for a spin-off. Moreover, it would star High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale, who will reprise her role as Logan Rawlings. Thus, could the chances for a Young and Hungry Season 5 be nil? Ashley Tisdale, who is also the executive producer of Young and Hungry, had expressed excitement for the spin-off.

“Definitely. It takes place at Clikd Media, and it’s really a workplace comedy. There are new characters played by Ryan Pinkston and Steve Talley, and you get a sense for everybody’s different dynamics. It’s the beginning of Sofia’s journey, wanting to assist Logan and seeing if she’s even capable of doing that. It’s different from Young & Hungry, in a good way. If it does branch out into its own thing, we want it to feel different,” Tisdale told TV Line when asked about the spin-off idea.

According to Premiere Date, the sitcom earned respectable ratings and steady audience share that seem promising for a Young and Hungry Season 5 renewal. However, it has yet to happen. Meanwhile, the synopsis for the final episode of Season 4 suggests the possibility of romance between Gabi and Josh despite their tight situation.

Watch the teaser for the Season 4 finale.