Music fans would have never imagined a mash up of this kind. Beethoven’s symphonies meet Kanye West’s music. The experiment titled “Yeethoven” is being helmed by The Young Musicians Foundation in LA.

The Foundation released an interesting trailer of the mash up states Billboard. “You wouldn’t intuitively think of Kanye West and Beethoven as being similar musicians,” says the narrator in the trailer, “but if you listen a little closer, you’ll notice a lot of similarities,” he adds.

The Young Musicians Foundation is holding a free concert on April 16 at the Aratani Theatre in Japanese American Cultural & Community Center in LA. Mashable explains that the concert is the brainchild of Yuga Cohler, conductor and co-curator and Stephen Feigenbaum, arranger and co-curator. It will feature six works of Kanye West and Beethoven, which will be combined by the orchestra live on stage, reveals the Rolling Stone magazine.

“Obviously, they work within very different traditions,” reveals the voiceover about the artists. “Their willingness to ruthlessly upend tradition and their influence on the larger culture can’t be overstated,” it adds.

Music Feeds informs that this concert will demonstrate similarities between West’s “Yeezus” and a variety of Beethoven’s pieces. The orchestra will combine the two until the result is a total mashup. In 2012 West had compared himself to the maestro and classical composer during his concert. “You could go back to Beethoven and shit, but as far as this lifetime, though, this is all you got,” he had famously declared. It seems he may have been right about it.

West has been hitting the headlines for sometime now latest album either for his personal problems, or his Twitter meltdowns or for his latest album “Life of Pablo.” It has been revealed that “Life of Pablo” will now be made available across Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody and google Play.