With the popularity of the Transformers, it is not surprising for brands to collaborate with Hasbro—the creators of the Transformers toys and franchise. In line with this, a new brand, Xiaomi may have found the best way to collaborate with Hasbro and the Transformers line by turning one of their flagship products into a robot.

The Transformers is one of the widely known toy franchises since the ’80s. Its popularity reached its peak when it was launched with a string of new live action movies that became a household name in the early 2000s.

hugo barra facebook page

hugo barra facebook page

Chinese smartphone and tablet brand Xiaomi is partnering with Hasbro to launch a Xiaomi Mi Pad Transformer. Though this tablet does not work like an actual smart tablet, it has the same appearance from the actual Mi Pad, especially on its scale. But upon a closer look, it will reveal some of the parts of the Transformable robot. This Transformer output is part of Xiaomi’s 6th brand anniversary and collaborating with Hasbro is one of their projects.

The Xiaomi Mi Pad Transformer takes the form of the Decepticon Soundwave, which originally was a cassette player in the classic cartoons and had some incarnations of different media gadgets.

In order to purchase this Xiaomi Mi Pad Transformer, you need to place an order similar to the gimmick from crowdfunding sites and once Xiaomi has received 1000 pre-orders, they can start producing the limited edition Transformer. So far it has already reached 1,300 backers so it has already started its production. If you are curious on how much is the toy, it will be priced at CNY 196 (AU$ 34.35).

However, if you still do not believe that this is real, Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra posted the official photos on his Facebook profile.