Xiaomi has established a solid reputation across the globe through its portfolio of mobile devices that feature superb hardware specs sheets that don’t necessarily come with lofty price tags. Most of the Chinese handset manufacturer’s devices come with either a Qualcomm Snapdragon or a MediaTek chipset, and it has been the case since the company launched its very first handset. However, that may soon change as new reports suggest that the company is planning to introduce its own mobile application chipsets very soon.

According to new reports, Xiaomi’s upcoming homegrown mobile APUs will be branded as “Rifle.” The chipset is expected to be unveiled at an event in May where the company will provide the details regarding the chipset.

At the time of writing, exact specifications regarding the upcoming chipset are still unknown. It could be directed towards entry-level handsets, but it could also materialise in other devices such as a tablet or a television from the company.

“Xiaomi plans to release its in-house Rifle-dubbed mobile APUs at a company event, which has been set to take place May,” said an official at Xiaomi’s component partner in the report.

There have also been several reports citing that the Chinese manufacturer plans to release a new smartphone dubbed as the Xiaomi Max which would likely coincide with the official announcement of the Rifle chipset. However, it’s still unknown if the company will be equipping the upcoming device with the purported chipset or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC to place it in the high-end market category.

Smartphone manufacters have been heavily relying on Qualcomm and MediaTek to power up their devices. Xiaomi’s desire to make its homegrown chipset could likely mean that it is veering away from the trend. Furthermore, high-end smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Huawei, and Apple have been using their respective chipsets, which may have sparked the idea of Xiaomi making its own.