The latest update on the Xiaomi Mi 5 rumors may please many fans as the most recent leak reveals a second Mi 5 variant speculated to arrive with the standard model.

According to report on Digital Trends, two new images of what is believed to be the Xiaomi Mi 5 have been leaked. The second image depicts a curved variant and appears to possess an edge-to-edge display as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Furthermore, this image of the standard Mi 5 variant differs a bit from the previous image of the model that had been leaked. In this particular image, the proximity sensor on the Mi 5 is located above the speaker and not alongside as seen before. The smartphone boasts of an all-metal form factor with what appears to be 2.5D curved glass.

The information sits in perfectly well with earlier Xiaomi Mi 5 reports on the Chinese Website MyDrivers.The website also stated that the much-talked about handset could possibly be arriving in two variants. The report suggests that both the models will sport a  5.2-inch display but the resolution will be higher (2560 x 1440) on the premium all-metal variant. Other specifications on the rumored spec sheet read out to be an Octa-core Snapdragon 820 processor, a 16MP primary camera as well as a front-facing 13MP snapper.

But there is certain disparity in terms of the antenna breaks as seen on the previous images along with other details. The latest leak don’t have one.  Chances are, the curve on the latest leaked Mi 5 image could just be an optical illusion or a “clever fake” as, suggested by Digital Trends. There is no way to confirm that the leaked pictures are just prototypes or something more.

Fans can head here to take a look at the leaked Xiaomi Mi 5 images with a screen resembling the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge display.