Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio and Sony PlayStation Neo are launching the 4K TV gaming revolution. As Xbox Scorpio vs PlayStation Neo comparison gets repeated, there is one key feature that unites the two. That is the 4K TV medium.

The two giants of the gaming consoles race to give gamers the best gaming experience yet. Both Microsoft and Sony have gone ahead and took a risky bet on 4K TV based games.

Sony, in particular, has specified a faster frame rate for the PS Neo games.

Sony also has an advantage in custom-fitting popular games for a 4K/UltraHD resolution TV. Microsoft, on the other hand, revved up its horsepower and flaunts teraflop speeds, Forbes notes.

Specification-wise, the two upcoming consoles almost have the same features with minimal differences. In the Xbox Scorpio vs PlayStation Neo, it’s the 4K TV that matters.

As the games are custom-fitted for a 4K gaming experience, a player will be able to sit closer and have a clearer and crisper picture of the game, CNET points out.

There’s also the feeling of playing the game as if you have a Virtual Reality headset on you. If you aren’t into the VR headsets yet, playing a 4K game is as good as it gets. With 4K games, prepare yourself for an amazing experience full of 4K textures and the extra resolution that makes it look as real as it can get.

As you play the game from up close, there is also the downside of not being able to take everything in one glance. It is so easy to miss important game features that lay in the periphery of the game.

There is also the unavoidable lag in your TV when it fails to load as fast after a press of a button. If you’re curious to see how different a game will look like in a 4K TV, just plug in a game from your existing console. You will see how smoother the images rendered are.

If your normal games on base mode runs that smoothly, how much more if you’ll play with a 4K-based game?

It doesn’t matter who wins in the Xbox Scorpio vs PlayStation Neo. For those who just bought a new 4K/UltraHD TV, what matters is that these consoles are the future.