Fans of the Dark Souls game may be excited about the upcoming release of “Dark Souls 3” on April 12, but some are already playing the Japanese version on their consoles as the Japanese version is now available. But in some cases when fans get too excited, they can find ways, and this involves getting the Japanese version that they can actually play in English. Kotaku shares us the story of the said trick.

Yes, you can play the Japanese “Dark Souls 3” game in English, though you need to complete some requirements in order to make this work. And do not worry, this does not involve modding your Xbox One or installing any illegal software. The trick required purchasing a digital copy of the game.

There are two methods of getting a Japanese version, this one is from bidguy from NeoGAF

  1. Make a dummy account, set the region to Japan (this is only if you’re scared your main account may get banned)
  2. Buy Xbox credit (yen) from Microsoft store (set region to japan, search for Yen cards on the site. they will be sent to you within seconds)
  3. Buy the game, enter a Japanese address, i used the us embassy in Tokyo
  4. Set your Xbox region to U.S. or U.K. or wherever you live
  5. Download the game

And then here is the second method, which is somewhat similar to the first but with some slight modifications. This came from calebkeith on reddit:

  • Go to:
  • Login to xbox ms account.
  • Under billing and payments tab at the top, select payment options.
  • Add a new payment option.
  • In the U.S. dropdown, select Japan and check Payal.
  • Click next and link your PayPal to your MS account.
  • If it asks for an address on MS page, enter U.S. embassy address:
  • 1-10-5 Akasaka
  • Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8420 JAPAN
  • Phone: 03-3224-5000
  • Go to Microsoft store (, change site to japan like you would and purchase 8000 yen.
  • Use PayPal to purchase.
  • Go to and change the language to Japan at the bottom left-hand side of the page.
  • Redeem codes from bottom of purchase email:
  • Purchase on dark souls 3 purchase page using the yen account credit.
  • Edit: If it asks for a credit card before being able to use credit, enter in the same address with the U.S. embassy and your credit card info will still go through as it doesn’t validate it against the billing address. Once done it should let you still purchase it. (I’m not sure if this is required as I already had the address and card populated.)

And if you are worried if Microsoft will punish you for downloading import games, it won’t as it allows this method since it does not violate any rules. You can enjoy playing “Dark Souls 3” is you want to try this method, but for those who want a physical copy, they can wait for April 12 for the launch.