Xbox One S, Xbox One Project Scorpio were amongst Microsoft’s new console releases in 2016. So, what’s the big deal with Xbox One S?

First of all, Xbox One S may be the newest console release by the tech giant, but it doesn’t create much more power than the usual Xbox One console.

In terms of style, Microsoft ensured unprecedented innovation with the redesigned version of Xbox One controller which will be for Xbox One S.

According to The Guardian, the controller will have textured handles to allow players to experience an improved grip and at the same time an increased wireless range.

It might appear smaller and stylish but in terms of functionalities, it doesn’t have much difference with Xbox One.

Trusted Reviews mentioned that compared to Xbox One, Xbox One S has a high memory capacity of 500GB to as high as 2TB.

It was reported that the new console could support 4K to Blu-ray and video. But, for gaming, Xbox One is considered reliable than this one.

The report cited that it can only support 4K at 30Hz so it’s considered useless for gaming. The latter can support double the capacity than Xbox One S.

Another bad thing everyone should take note is the fact that the quality of memory depends on the price which ranges from US$299 (AU$404) for 500GB version, US$349 (AU$472) for 1TB and US$399 (AU$539) for the 2TB.

In terms of power supply, Xbox One S has a built-in power supply though the console has reduced 40% of its size with 333mm x 276mm x 78mm.

Xbox One S might not be better for gaming purposes compared to its former model Xbox One based on an Engadget full list specs report.

But if anyone want to watch any streaming services like Netflix, they could enjoy 4K television content, 4K video playback and 4K Ultra HD, 4K Blu-ray which is already built-in.

All of these streaming services contained high dynamic range (HDR) visuals.

This was made possible by the machine’s use of the core of eight central processing units with a six teraflop graphics processor.

Phil Spencer,  Xbox chief, noted that by having this new console as an example of the new innovation, avid gamers should expect beyond what they saw later on.

He described this console as the most powerful console ever made which will be released this August.

Engadget previously noted that Microsoft has still more to release. Xbox One Project Scorpio was teased to arrive in Christmas of 2017.