Details about what is believed to be the new version of the Xbox One may have leaked online giving avid gamers a glimpse into what this latest may probably bring for them.

However since it’s still all hearsay at this point in time, take the information with a huge pinch of skepticism. According to a report on Digital Trends, the leaked information accompanied with an image reveals a “wireless networking module made by Microsoft” and the label marks it as a prototype. What further strengthens the claim is the connection with the wireless chip found on Microsoft’s existing Xbox. The “wireless networking module” mentioned in the leak directly points towards the chip that is “linked with the original Xbox One safety manual.”

Speculations are rife that the new Xbox won’t boast of any radical changes and may just follow tradition and be a sleeker and a quieter version of its predecessors. Though there are contrary reports that have surfaced suggesting that the console may arrive sans a disc drive while opposing views indicate the presence of a 4K Blu-ray player.

Just two weeks ago we heard the announcement from Microsoft that the Xbox One console could very well be turned into a development kit for no cost at all. Director of ID@Xbox (Microsoft’s indie game developer program), Chris Charla shared with Polygon, “Now the Xbox isn’t just for playing, but also for creating awesome content. We’re excited to open the Xbox One to everyone so anyone can get started developing.” The development offers many advantages to both the company as well as many independent developers out there.

The new Xbox One is expected to be announced to the world at E3. And if the new iteration of the Xbox One, as indicated in the leak, does materialize then what would you expect from the upgraded version? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.