Looks like Microsoft will be revealing new stuff for their Xbox One console this coming E3 2016. The details started when a series of leaked details revealed a possible new version for the Xbox One.

New sources have surfaced hinting that Microsoft is in fact launching a new version for the Xbox One. This was revealed by blogger Brad Sams where he showed some interesting details on Microsoft’s E3 2016 plans. The plans were posted on Paul Thurrott’s blog, thurrott.com. The site has been providing some leaks on Microsoft-related news and most of them were accurate.

The blog indicated that Microsoft is releasing an Elite edition of the Xbox One. The company previously released an Elite version for the Xbox One controller which featured better design and additional customizable buttons at a more expensive price tag. They are reportedly planning to add more interactions with the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs to increase the capabilities of the two platforms aside from game streaming and making the two a killer combination for gaming.

The recent leak featured production notes for a slim model from a Chinese manufacturer, and this info was given more credibility as a Microsoft insider has hinted that such model exists.

Microsoft has now joined in bringing new hardware models for their lineup as Sony was previously reported to be releasing an upgraded PlayStation 4 called PlayStation 4 Neo. The Neo was reported to support 4K resolution with an upgraded GPU that will be targeted for Virtual Reality gaming. It is expected to be revealed around October 2016 right after PlayStation VR launches.

So far there are no other information on the alleged Xbox One Slim or Elite edition, but we can find out more once it is fully revealed on E3 2016, if the said information is in fact true.