Xbox One gamers are in for a new loot this mid-July with Xbox One free games. Or at least those with Xbox gamers with Gold membership can go for it.

Xbox One Gold membership gives a gamer 4 free titles to play for a month. The Xbox One free games list are refreshed every mid-month.

Among the titles Gold members are speculating that will be coming free to their Xbox One list are Final Fantasy 13, Dead Rising 3 and Halo Wars, Christian Times reports.

Xbox Gold members will apparently be able to play Final Fantasy 13 free to to re-acquaint them with the Final Fantasy world. This can be Square Enix’s marketing strategy and serve as a precursor to Final Fantasy 15. This September, the latest iteration for the Final Fantasy series will be available in stores.

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Meanwhile, The Bitbag has also earmarked Dead Rising 3 as another possible freebie for gamers. As Dead Rising 4 is on its way, Microsoft will be keen to hook players into the game again.

Another title speculated in the July list of free games for Xbox Gold members is Halo Wars. Japanese and German gamers are already enjoying it for free which gives it a higher probability of making a global release. Microsoft has also announced at the E3 conference that a sequel is coming.

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Even an unverified Halo Wars account on Twitter campaigned for Xbox Gold to release it for free since last year. Maybe with the sequel coming, the time is right for Microsoft to finally let gamers enjoy the title for free to give them an introduction to the Halo Wars.

While the final titles list is yet to be released, gamers can play XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free until the end of the month. XCOM, Costume Quest 2, Goat Simulator, The Crew and Super Meatbox will remain free to play until mid-July. Meanwhile,  XCOM 2 Retaliation was released earlier this year in February 4.

If you can’t wait for the Xbox Gold list of free games, there’s a Steam Summer Sale 2016 going on. Though it may not give Xbox One free games, gamers can definitely score titles for a lesser price.