It’s only a week and a few days before another month starts. This means another round of free games for Xbox One users. With rumors making rounds, will a much-awaited game make its way to the Xbox Games with Gold September 2016 lineup?

If you’re counting on reliable insider ekim, then you’re in for some bad news. The tipster shared on his Twitter account that his source for the leaks “vanished”. He did not say why, or if he’ll ever gain communication with his source again. However, his followers on Twitter did speculate that the source could have been “found out” and “fired”.

Without ekim, it seems there’s only a slim chance that gamers will know the next lineup of free games ahead of time.

Nevertheless, a report from MNR Daily says that much-awaited titles including Red Dead Redemption and Dead Rising 3 could finally make it to next month’s list. The source does not cite any tipster with this claim, hence it is best to take this information with a grain of salt.

Xbox Games with Gold September 2016

Still, even without ekim’s reliable leaks, gamers get to know at least one title coming out next month.

Major Nelson revealed on Twitter that Earthlock: Festival of Magic, comes with next month’s free games. Along with the tweet comes a teaser. The game goes free immediately on September 1.

Meanwhile, another title that gamers can maximize this September is WWE 2K16. It is free until September 15. It’s not too late for other titles either as Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and Beyond Good and Evil HD are both available until August 31.

What do you think? Will Red Dead Redemption and Dead Rising 3 finally make it to the September lineup? Better yet, do you have any insider info on what titles may come free next month? Let us know if you do!

Be sure to check back with us for the official word on Xbox Games with Gold September 2016.