Update: A complete list of the Games with Gold lineup for August seems to have been leaked. Check the full list in this article.

It is only a matter of days before the Xbox Games with Gold August 2016 lineup is announced. However, that doesn’t stop gaming fans from speculating on what free games will come out days before the official announcement. Did gamers just predict one of the titles for next month’s Games with Gold?

Based on discussions on gaming forum NeoGAF, Dead Rising 3 makes sense as one of the titles for next month. NeoGAF member Chris1 explains why this title could make it to the next lineup. According to the user, the game hasn’t been on sale. In addition, it has both an upcoming sequel and remaster.

True enough, Games with Gold has been an avenue for exploration and hype on new games. However, at this point, Dead Rising 3 appears to be more of a wishful prediction than a potential leak.

In response to Chris1’s post, NeoGAF member Justinh had this to say:

Dead Rising 3 would be awesome! Just so my lazy ass wouldn’t have to put the disc in (I keep my games in another room). Be nice if the DLC went on sale, too.”

Chris1, however, clarifies that even though Dead Rising 3‘s inclusion in the lineup seems logical, gamers shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Xbox Games with Gold August 2016: other titles brewing

Aside from Dead Rising 3, NeoGAF member The Real Napsta also commented that he/she hopes for Metal Gear Rising. However, no reason was provided on whether this was a strong possibility or not.

Meanwhile, member amdb00mer projects that the August lineup includes at lease 1 AAA title. The user also considers the possibility of Sonic Generations being open to backward compatibility. If the anniversary angle is considered, this user’s argument could as well be valid.

However, notably absent from the Xbox Games with Gold thread is reliable insider ekim. His leaks on Banner Saga and Rainbow Six Vegas as part of this month’s lineup were spot on. He clarified on his Twitter last July 22 that he has no word yet on what titles could make it next month.

He also shared that as of this point, he remains clueless on what the lineup could include.

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