If Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” introduced a darker, edgier version of the Dark Knight in the big screen, then the latest R-rated film from 20th Century Fox, in turn, may have the similar effect to future Marvel films. “Deadpool” has scored a massive success in the cinema, garnering huge praises and box office revenues despite its mature rating. Now, “X-Men” producer Simon Kinberg says that a mature “X-Force” movie could be possible.

It’s no secret that the Merc with a Mouth is the current highlight of cinemas, especially now that movie-based comic books are the hottest things to date. Now, a direct sequel to “Deadpool” has already been given the go signal. Cable, a new entry to the “X-Men” movie roster but has been around with Deadpool since the comic book days, is set to make an appearance as well.

Screenrant notes that the “X-Force” comic books have seen plenty of team-ups and battles. Now that its film has been generating some buzz, Deadpool’s and Cable’s established reputation could sizzle it up when the sequel hits. Ryan Reynolds, the star of “Deadpool,” wants to see the film getting an R rating, and Kinberg says that it could happen, according to a report from Collider.

“I think there are some stories that could be R-rated. I don’t know what they are, I mean I think the mainline ‘X-Men’ movies have their own tone, which is a more operatic tone. It’s more dramatic, it is more PG-13 in a way. ‘X-Force’ I could see being R-rated, and who knows?” Kinberg said during a Q&A in a preview screening of “Deadpool.”

There’s still no official announcements at the moment as to when “X-Force” will be released. However, “Deadpool” earning big means that interest in the film is sparked. “X-Force” is considered as a “priority” for Deadpool’s future, as Reynolds notes.

Meanwhile, “X-Men: Apocalypse” is about to hit theaters on May 27, 2016 and “Gambit,” as well as “Wolverine 3,” will follow suit. These will probably be enough at the moment to have your fill of comic book films while you wait for “X-Force” to come out.