Avid fans are excited about “X Men Apocalypse” this spring. But months away from its premiere, there have been speculations on expanding the “X Men” universe. What could be their newest adventure?

The spinoff will likely tap into the young adult audience, Movie Pilot wrote. According to the site, Fox announced that they got “The Fault In Our Stars” director Josh Boone to direct and co-write “New Mutants.” Likewise, producer Simon Kinberg confirmed that the movie will be a YA adventure.

According to Comic Book Resources, Kinberg told Empire:

“That’s more of a Young Adult movie.”

Comic Book Resources mentioned that young adult adaptations have been close rivals of superhero films. Fox will be the first studio to combine the two genres. Do you think it will be a hit?

Movie Pilot noted that comic fans know that “New Mutants” has plenty of young adult plot-lines and characters. As for Boone, the site indicated that directing the movie won’t be shocking for him. Just like other YA films, the movie is expected to be a huge hit among young adult fans.

Here are the list of characters who will likely star in “New Mutants.” Here are their names:

  • Cannonball – A “mild-mannered Kentuckian” and eventual co-leader who’s “nigh-invulnerable” rocketing into the air.
  • Karma – The team’s original leader who has the ability to possess other people’s bodies.
  • Mirage – A Cheyenne and eventual co-leader after Karma’s “death.” She can create visual empathetic three-dimensional illusions.
  • Sunspot – Gained powers fueled by the Sun and has the power to store solar energy.
  • Wolfsbane – Can transform into a wolf-like creature.
  • Magma – A fierce character from the Amazon who can control lava.
  • Magik – A mystic who can travel through “teleportation discs.”
  • Warlock – An “extraterrestrial” of Technarchy, a techno-organic race.
  • Cypher – A young man who could learn any language, spoken or written at “an exponential rate.” He’s a computer expert.

As mentioned on Movie Pilot, a YA addition to the “X Men” Universe is a “fantastic idea.” By doing such, a whole generation of fans will be exposed to the mutant world.

What do you think of “New Mutants” being a YA movie? Sound off in the comments section!