X-Men Apocalypse is supposedly an exciting, action-packed summer blockbuster fans have long been waiting for. As the movie is scheduled to reach the theaters on the last week of May this year, question arises whether or not the next chapter will meet the expectations of it successful predecessor X-Men: First Class which earned a gigantic $747 million worldwide.  Perhaps that would have encouraged the production house to move ahead with the sequel.

As reviewed by Forbes, the movie X-Men Apocalypse seems to be a major disaster of this franchise especially when it has such potent competitors around, like Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War.

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The review explains the reasons in details. Much to our surprise, X-Men: Apocalypse introduces a series of new characters which, in a way, makes it more confusing than interesting.  At the same time, there are some friendly and hostile meets between the characters, as well. Next comes the real attraction of the movie, the menacing new villain Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) who slowly recruits each of his four “horsemen.”  The story-line might get monotonous as the six-team X-Men again start to confront Magneto (Michael Fassbender) to stop their former friend Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) from turning evil. Perhaps it’s been done to briefly distract our heroes so that the main villain can cement a wicked scheme. Magneto’s  new wife and daughter get more dialogue than Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and Psylocke (Olivia Munn) combined.

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The other three “horseman” (Psylocke, Storm, and Ben Hardy’s Angel) are walking action figures, with no character development and no significant screen time. In comparison, the heroes do a good job. The young kids zeal with each other, in no time. McAvoy is fun to watch in the early scenes but soon becomes a showpiece machine and a non-entity in the action. Even Jennifer Lawrence has almost nothing to do beyond a few brief reunion moments and an extended bout of climactic peril. The end of the world can be seen in an isolated location where  Xavier is seen happily running his school and enrolling a bunch of young mutants.

Due to lack of importance, energy, emotional investment and a complete absence of character development for the younger characters, X-Men Apocalypse will possibly prove as a frail try by the franchise,  Forbes reveals.