Did “X Men Apocalypse” cast Taylor Swift as a secret mutant?

The hitmaker is rumoured to be part of the cast of “X Men Apocalypse,” the Toronto Sun wrote. The publication cited news from the editors of NME.com that Swift will appear as Dazzler, the mutant singer. Dazzler has the ability to turn sound vibrations into light and energy beams. At the same time, she’s a pop artist who’s achieved fame for her music.

Actress Sophie Turner also posted an Instagram photo that might have teased about it. The pic was set in the 1980s and featured Turner along with Tye Sheridan as they browsed for records. Turner plays a young Jean Grey while Sheridan plays a young Cyclops. Sheridan holds up a record by Dazzler.

Turner’s caption felt like an “intentional nod” to Taylor Swift, Comic Book Resources noted.

The Collider recalled a photograph shared by “X Men Apocalypse” writer/producer Simon Kinberg earlier from Montreal. It showed him with Swift together with James McAvoy and Sophie Turner. It raised speculation that Swift may or may not join the franchise as Dazzler.

Given the story behind the Dazzler aka Alison Blaire, the publication surmised it wouldn’t be a “too much of a stretch” to envision Swift in the role.

Unfortunately, rumours of Taylor Swift joining the “X Men Apocalypse” movie are likely to remain at that. A representative for the hitmaker revealed the story is “not true.” The Montreal photo was only a coincidence, Aceshowbiz reported. The singer was in Montreal for her “1989” concerts at the time the movie was shooting in the city. Kinberg, along with McAvoy and Sophie, attended her show. The publication also cited Kinberg’s previous explanation about the photo he posted with Swift.

“We went to [a Taylor Swift] show, me and those people, and then she invited us to come back and meet her afterwards. It was just a photo backstage at the concert, and that was the only time we ever saw her. That’s where that particular rumour came from.”

Although her major screen debut in “X Men Apocalypse” turned out to be false, Swift remains a class apart.