X-Men: Apocalypse is a movie with an underwhelming script, far too many characters, and a bored-looking Jennifer Lawrence.

Almost all the characters in this part of the franchise perform as surplus stock. The film runs on a formula that is utterly predictable.

With nearly everything wrong with the movie at this stage in the X-Men universe, it is just unacceptable.

According to The New Daily, Jennifer’s eyes carry an expression of boredom. In the movie she is nothing but the window to the soul of X-Men: Apocalypse.

While she is bored, there is also a reflection of fatigue on a franchise that has been repeating itself for years. Frustration is another aspect she expresses at the “creative lethargy of filmmakers.”

This is because the makers are not all willing to match her talent.

Jennifer plays the famous shape-shifter Mystique. She is keeping herself entirely hidden at the beginning of the movie.

Earlier, she became a “beacon of hope for mutants of the world,” says Q News. This happened following her act of defiance 10 years prior as shown in the previous film “Days of Future Past.”

X-Men Apocalypse did not provide any new understanding of the material, as “First Class” did. It was not even trying to make the characters evolve and take narrative forward like “Days of Future Past.”

While almost all of our heroes are fighting with their own identities in the grand 1980’s, the world’s first mutant, Apocalypse, comes back to consciousness.

Oscar Issac, as Apocalypse, is completely unused and his talents have been wasted.

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However, there are moments of actual interest distributed throughout the movie. And during these sequences the audience could find the delight, which was naturally expected from the film.


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There is still hope, as X-Men: Apocalypse will not act as the end of the series. It should, although, act as a warning to what should be secluded in the next sequel.