“X-Men: Apocalypse” got mostly mixed reviews. But critics all agree on one thing: the new Jean Grey. With all the positive reviews she’s getting, it might just be a matter of time for a Jean Grey solo movie to be made soon.

Or at least, according to Movie Pilot, that’s what some fans want to happen. The film blog does admit this iconic “X-Men” character never even had her own comic book. But Movie Pilot insists “the right actress could create a really powerful, charismatic character.” Fans reportedly think they have that “right actress” in Sophie Turner. “From body language to hairstyle, she’s the very image of Jean Grey in the comics,” Movie Pilot wrote.

It was earlier reported that a future “X-Men” movie might just explore the “Dark Phoenix Saga.” This comic book storyline revolves around Jean Grey. If this rumour is proven true, Movie Pilot thinks, “having Jean star in her own film would be a smart move… [it] would make the Dark Phoenix Saga far more powerful on the big screen.”

Meanwhile, Turner recently talked about her “Apocalypse” character. “She’s a great role to play. She’s so much fun,” she told  Entertainment Weekly. “And her arc in the movie is amazing.” The “Game of Thrones” actress also discussed the difference between her take on the iconic role to Famke Janssen’s. “She’s young and isolated and so insecure…and very alienated – even from the other mutants – because she’s so powerful. So there’s a real vulnerability to her,” she said. Turner also thought it was “great” how Jean Grey’s alienation led her to find Cyclops.

Fans might want a Jean Grey solo movie to drop soon. But this movie idea has yet to be developed and confirmed by movie studios. In the meantime, you can catch Turner as Jean Grey in “X-Men: Apocalypse.”