X-Men: Apocalypse is the most recent installment in Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” franchise, which is being given rather low ratings at the moment.

The movie scored 52% at Rotten Tomatoes, and is considered to have the lowest ratings among the chief movies of the series.

According to critics, there was a monstrous hype for X-Men: Apocalypse. However, the expectations might have fallen just as fast.

Here is a list of the top five reasons not to watch it.

The Supervillain is Baseless

It was reported that one of the most devastating parts is that the movie’s titular villain, Apocalypse, made no sense.

The fans were disillusioned with the film because of the antagonist’s entire design. According to Movie News Guide, Apocalypse is said to be absolutely distant and not at all loyal to the original.

The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

There is no explanation why Apocalypse would choose only four mutants as his henchmen. They include Magneto, Storm, Psylocke and Angel.

Another issue is why these four would stick to the blue mutant’s plan. It is never revealed why destroying the world with this supervillain seems like their best option.

For instance, there is nothing in it for a mutant like Psylocke other than getting to maim people.

The audience does not get any indication of their motivations, says Vox. There is no mind control involved as well, so the four could walk away at any time.

The Story isn’t Cohesive

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The film’s story loses its sight all throughout. There are times the story gives itself into senselessness in exchange for extravagant action sequences.

The movie’s themes are left undiscovered. While there isn’t much character building, the viewers jump from one scene to another.

The movie is all about the big fight but never speaks of why these mutants are fighting.

The Absence

The reason for the failure of X-Men: The Last Stand was the absence of Bryan Singer who had created the first two movies but left in the third film.

Similarly, X-Men: Apocalypse had the main man behind the series reboot, Matthew Vaughn. He directed great films like Layer Cake and Kick-Ass. Although “Days of the Future Past” was directed by Singer, “the groundwork of the script came from work done by Vaughn,” said Dorkly.

This film is the first of the “First Class” films that did not have Vaughn involved at all, except in an Executive Producer capacity.

The Bad CGI Destruction

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The movie is all about global destruction with no significance, fear or aftermath. Singer’s latest is just CG buildings disintegrating.

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According to Gizmodo, the destruction would make Roland Emmerich envious.

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It is impossible to care when the world is being destroyed, and all we see are little cars being lifted in the air.