“X-Men: Apocalypse” fans were not in love with Apocalypse and star Oscar Isaac didn’t like the look either. And while director Bryan Singer spills the beans on his CGI plans, “X-Men” raked up more than AU$138 million (US$100 million) in the overseas market.

Oscar Isaac, the actor who plays the role, hated his look too as did hundreds of the movie fans. That is not all. Apocalypse was supposed to be a CGI character. However, Singer decided to cast Isaac in the role as he was looking for someone more human.

“I was not super pleased with those first photos that ran,” said Isaac in a chat with Entertainment Weekly. “When you look at those things, you think that’s the representation of the character, and it was a shot from when we were coming out of a portal, and the portal light is purple and so suddenly everyone thinks that the character is purple which is not the case,” he elaborated.

Director Bryan Singer explained further that he had earlier on received similar unfavourable fan reactions to his Wolverine. So when it came to casting for the titular role, Singer considered involving technology, states Metro. However, he trashed the idea later as he was looking for someone to stand firm opposite Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence.

“Instead of giving him CG makeup, I thought it was very important that he connect with the horsemen, that he connect with the movie. We built a suit and enhanced Oscar’s size,” explained Singer. “But nonetheless to be as intimate and persuasive in his interaction with our lead characters, I made the decision to have him, for the most part, be in human form,” he added.

“X-Men: Apocalypse” has already hit the theaters and been received well overseas. According to Comic Book Resources, the movie has already made AU$142.5 million (US$103.3 million) in its opening weekend. This is just from 64 percent of its total international markets.